How You Can Integrate ESG Into Your Leadership with Larissa Maxwell

By: Bart Egnal
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is an increasingly-used term.... but what does it mean and how should leaders think about its objectives? In this conversation Bart speaks with Larissa Maxwell about why companies are embracing ESG and how they begin integrating it into their work (proactively and reactively). She then explores what role leaders have to play in ESG and what kind of leadership best leads to lasting impact. Larissa draws on her extensive experience in advising companies to share valuable tips for anyone hoping to lead in a more socially responsible way.
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00:19 Intro
00:54 Introducing Larissa
01:22 About Larissa's background
01:51 Responsible business practice 
02:17 What is ESG?
07:22 Why are companies drawn to ESG?
08:52 Public pressure leading to ESG work
09:12 Example of tech diversity issues
11:03 How do you start doing ESG work in a company?
11:16 Proactive vs reactive approaches 
12:12 Proactive (foundational) approaches
12:44 Example of apparel industries
13:57 Materiality 
15:32 How do leaders need to prepare themselves?
13:59 Are you living a purpose driven life
17:37 Is ESG against profit?
19:38 ESG strategy and tools
20:40 Examples of impact projects
22:23 What leadership is required for good ESG work?
23:49 The quality test
23:55 You need brave executive champions 
26:29 Example of involving community stakeholders
27:32 Lived experiences 
28:51 Is ESG too overwhelming for some companies?
29:46 You can go too fast/far with ESG strategy 
31:21 Advice on building purpose driven living
34:47 How to find out more about Maxwell Group and ESG
36:49 Thank yous
37:13 Outro