The Conversations You Must Have to Lead Change with Jennifer Campbell

In today’s world, change is happening faster and more frequently than ever before. Leaders are under pressure to explain change and create buy in… while employees and stakeholders are becoming more vocal about their own needs. Yet there are ways to have better conversations about change that create common ground and understanding between all key parties. Jen Campbell, author of Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders, joins Bart on the podcast to discuss this approach by sharing insights into the many conversations leaders must have at different stages of the change process. A must listen for anyone leading change in this time of disruption.

Visit Jen's website to learn more and find her book here.

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00:01 Teaser
00:15 Show Introduction
00:54 Introducing Jen
01:34 How Jen got into "change management"
03:09 Writing the book
03:34 20 conversations you need to have when managing change
05:15 Patterns of people's reactions to change
07:07 Transitions
08:51 Changing habits requires compelling reasons
10:28 Take away the old way
11:19 What should leaders be aware of when trying to implement change
12:21 You're not alone
12:25 Mother's group example
13:38 Reasons people exist
16:52 Conversation strategies to help with change
17:39 Self reflection conversations
18:46 Leaders need to know their reaction to change first
20:12 Capability, capacity, and commitment
21:49 What conversations should you be having
22:03 Engagement conversations
24:43 Interpretive questions
27:13 Give your front-line managers the skillset to lead change
28:17 Change track record conversations
31:05 How to be optimistic to lead change
32:26 Get into the conversation asap
33:08 Bart summarizes
35:02 How to find out more
36:22 Thank yous
36:53 Outro

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