How to Transform Organizations: The Generative Change Model

In this episode Bart speaks to Prof. Gervase Bushe about his work in understanding of why change fails and the many mistaken assumptions around leading change leaders have. Gervase shares his model for Generative Change and explains practically how leaders can use it to harness the thinking and engagement of their people. A must listen in this time of continual transformation for any leader grappling with what it takes to reach and inspire their people. 

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00:00 Teaser

00:17 Inspire Podcast Intro

00:54 Introducing Gervase

01:55 His work

02:36 80s and 90s studies

03:25 Stentor

04:31 humbling experience of things not working

05:09 People not saying what they think

05:54 Making sense of what is going on in an organization

06:18 Why collaborative organizations fail over time

06:59 The stories people use

07:37 Watercooler stories

08:38 Transformational change

09:29 Mistaken assumptions about leading change

09:39 Nobody knows the right answer in a complex world

10:35 The Generative Change Model

11:09 Let the stakeholders decide what the changes are to be

12:10 Adaptive challenges

13:24 Managing adaptive challenges – you can’t “solve” an adaptive challenge

13:57 How to deal with it?

15:16 Generative Conversations

15:48 Experiment with solutions and track what happens

16:09 How do you know when you’re doing it well?

18:24 People have to care

19:00 Open space

20:34 Self-organizing requires discovery/inquiry and information

21:26 Create opportunities for people to form self-organized groups

22:46 Appreciative inquiry

24:52 People discover commonality

25:37 Generative Imaging

26:54 Examples of Generative Images

32:58 How to create a generative image

33:23 Saudi mining example

34:10 Monstanto example

36:06 Bart summarizes

38:11 Latest book: The Dynamics of Generative Change

38:52 Thank yous

39:11 Outro

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