Unlocking the Power of Mindfulness with Christopher Farris Zabaneh

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast Bart interviews Christopher Farris Zabaneh about why mindfulness is an increasingly critical skill for leaders to master. Chris shares his journey from starting his career as an engineer, to leaving to pursue work on mindfulness and to bringing what he learned to his work with clients at The Humphrey Group. Chris shares lessons that are practical including the difference between "mindful" and "mind-full", "seeing calm and being calm" and finding rituals to clear the mind. Whether you're trying to calm your nerves before a critical speaking engagement or become more connected with your authentic leadership voice this episode will help you unlock your ability to inspire. 

Teaser   00:02

Standard show intro        00:19

Welcome/Opening           00:58

How they met    01:49

About Chris         02:53

From Engineering to Mindfulness and Meditation               03:50

"Am I being authentic?"  04:17

Why go to the retreat?   07:10

Transitioning back into life after the 2-year hiatus               08:40

200-day moving average               10:25

3 Big Takeaways from time working on THE SELF 10:59

1) Is your mind full or are you being mindful          11:15

2) It's always something deeper  11:47

"See calm, be calm"         12:18

3) Rituals Matter              12:25

Bart circles back on "mindful" instead of full mind...           13:10

How do you clear your mind?       13:46

Recommend Vipassana Meditation retreat            13:55

Be the scientist of your own mind...           14:22

Breathing techniques...   15:51

Bart Circling back on rituals...       16:24

How to coach leaders on their mindfulness and authenticity           17:38

Assessment         18:00

How do you prepare yourself for certain activities              18:24

Transpose...         19:18

Coaching session with Bart           20:23

Trick your body by transposing... 22:44

Parasympathetic nervous system               24:17

Breathing exercise coaching double box breath    25:49

Recommended starting point for listeners              39:26

Thank you           41:24

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