What Virtual Conferences Look Like

In this episode, Bart Egnal interviews Liam Austin. Liam is a Virtual Event Planner & Online Conference Consultant.

Join in as Bart and Liam discuss what conferences will look like in our new virtual world, & how conferences could work when we're not travelling and getting together in large crowds.


Here are some moments from the conversation:

Virtual event strategist (4:08)
What started the virtual event business? (5:27)
From LinkedIn groups to webinars to virtual events (6:34)
Higher conversion rates with virtual events (7:29)
Attendee costs much better with virtual events (8:08)
Accommodating people's attention spans (11:51)
Blocking time and mixing up presentation with engagement (12:14)
Building technical comfort and confidence in participants (14:32)
How to build engagement (15:12)
Mistakes to avoid in online events (16:41)
Build rapport, bring value before up selling (22:59)
Targeting niche interests important for conversions (23:31)
Preparing speakers for virtual events (24:12)
Common speaker mistakes (26:28)
Is business for virtual booming? (27:41)

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