What Women Entrepreneurs Must Do To Thrive In The World of Startups

In this episode, Bart speaks with Sharon Zohar. Sharon in the CEO/Founder of The Big Push. The Big Push is a business accelerator for women led companies. They provide hands-on services and support to create actionable and measurable growth plans to help lift women-led companies to new heights.

Listen in to get some unique insight into the challenges facing female entrepreneurs during this pandemic and more generally in the entrepreneurial workspace.


Here are some moments from the conversation:

Small business and startups in the time of COVID-19 (3:45
What is The Big Push? (4:37)
Why start The Big Push? (5:23)
Challenges facing women entrepreneurs and investors (6:37)
Bro culture (8:16)
Why women led companies receive less investment (9:16)
What The Big Push does for women entrepreneurs (10:13)
Programs at The Big Push (11:29)
Road to success workshop (11:52)
Liftoff program (12:59)
Accelerator program (14:08)
How many companies has The Big Push helped? (14:33)
General advice for women entrepreneurs (15:42)
Do founders still face biases, and how to handle? (16:41)
Networking for female founders (18:11)
Impact of COVID-19 (19:39)
Advice for founders during COVID-19 (21:40)

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