Spark Modules

What learning outcome are you trying to spark? Our Spark modules allow you to curate a custom program to suit the needs of your learners. Create your own unique learning path or add a Spark to any of our Signature Learning Experiences. Below is a list of all Spark modules you can choose from to curate a program that meets your objectives.

Active Listening

Active listening is always important, but never more so than during a conflict. Learn how to use a simple tool for demonstrating listening in the moment to deescalate conflicts and create win-win outcomes.

Building Inspiring Presentations

Slides can make or break a presentation. Teach your employees how to avoid the data dump and create slides that support, rather than upstage their message.



The ability to answer questions with clarity and confidence is an essential skill for leaders at all levels. Help your employees seize the opportunities that questions present.

Leadership Brand

Cultivating a strong leadership brand is an inside-out process. Help your employees reflect on what kind of leader they want to be and how to communicate their brand authentically and inspirationally.



Teach your employees how to harness their authentic charisma and unique style to connect with an audience through verbal and non-verbal cues.



Enhance the effectiveness of any group training initiative by adding 30-minutes of one-on-one coaching for each participant.

Relationship Building

The need to build strong connections through authentic and strategic relationship-building has never been stronger. It’s both a mindset and a skill—and both can be learned.

Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling builds a level of rapport and connection that facts and data can’t. It’s a skill that takes any communication to the next level—if you know how to use it.


The Leader’s Mindset

Leaders approach every communication as an opportunity to inspire someone else. Six simple principles can transform your employees’ approach to communication and help them seize their everyday leadership opportunities.

The Leader’s Script

This is a two-part module which introduces your employees to The Humphrey Group’s famous tool for structuring any communication where the goal is to persuade, influence, or inspire. 

It All Starts with a Conversation

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