Receiving Feedback 

When we think about feedback, we often focus on the feedback we give to others. But being a good recipient is just as important. Learning to receive feedback in the right way can change your mindset about feedback in general— and make you better at giving it as well. Receiving feedback can be valuable because it allows us to monitor our performance and alerts us to important changes we need to make.

In this module, participants will learn how to receive feedback with humility and demonstrate a growth mindset in the way they respond to constructive criticism. They will have the opportunity to role-play and receive coaching from their instructor and their peers.

This learning experience is part of the connection stream of leadership communication. You can learn more about our development philosophy here.

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the key Dos and Don’ts of being a good recipient
  • Use a model to respond to difficult feedback without being defensive
  • Learn to discern what you can and can’t apply or change
  • Follow-up to demonstrate accountability and openness to future feedback

Learning Experience Details

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90-minute session or can be added to another program
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Ideal Audience

Leaders at all levels
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Delivery Options

In-person or virtual

It All Starts with a Conversation

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