Leader's Mindset

The shift from subject matter expert to leader has very little to do with role or title and everything to do with mindset. Leaders inspire others to follow by making a fundamental shift in their approach to communication: they move from information to inspiration. 

This module will shift your employees’ approach to communication by introducing them to six key principles for thinking about communication the way that leaders do. Your employees will return to work with a new outlook on the role that communication plays in their leadership and practical strategies for adjusting their communication style.

This learning experience is part of the persuasion stream of leadership communication. You can learn more about our development philosophy here.

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the importance of vision, no matter their role
  • Shift from an informational to an inspirational communication mindset
  • Identify the convictions that are core to their leadership identity
  • Deliver their convictions in an audience-centered way

Learning Experience Details

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90-minute session or can be added to another program
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Ideal Audience

Leaders at all levels who need to use communication to inspire others
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Delivery Options

In-person or virtual

It All Starts with a Conversation

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