Communicating as an Ally

Knowing how to bring others into the spotlight is a critical leadership skill. Great leaders create more leaders – and not just ones in their own image; but ones who challenge the status quo and bring new perspectives to the table. Organizations that can successfully create a culture of allyship are the ones that benefit most from their DEI initiatives.

In this module, learners will dive deep into how to use communication to actively ‘do’ Allyship to bring others into the spotlight. Here they will move beyond intention and belief, towards action.

This learning experience is part of the reflection stream of leadership communication. You can learn more about our development philosophy here.

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define ‘Allyship’ and recognize what it looks like in practice
  • Decentre themselves when doing the work of an ally
  • Use active listening techniques
  • Speak up and call others in (vs calling others out)
  • Stop microaggressions and practice microaffirmations
  • Recognize and avoid language that assumptions, reinforces stereotypes and shuts off discussion

Learning Experience Details

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90-minute session or can be added to another program
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Ideal Audience

Leaders at all levels
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Delivery Options

In-person or virtual

It All Starts with a Conversation

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