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You spend up to 80% of your day communicating. Learn how to inspire with every message.

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Leadership Training: Comprehensive Solutions for Your Communication Needs

Our leadership communication training solutions can help you solve a variety of challenges. We can help your leaders with the following development needs:

Lead Every Time You Speak

Confident diverse executive, exemplifying global leadership excellence and training diversity.
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Confident diverse executive, exemplifying global leadership excellence and training diversity.
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Better Communication Starts Here

Our solutions create more self-aware, collaborative, and engaging leaders who drive team and organization success.

Leadership Communication Training

Communication is the key that unlocks the leadership potential in all of us. Our leadership communication solutions are centered around three key skill sets essential to all leaders: reflection, connection, and persuasion.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Communication Training

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is a core leadership skill and should be a part of your leadership strategy. Our DEI solutions are focused on two key components: creating an inclusive environment and empowering equity seeking groups.

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How to Work With Us

We have solutions for all your development needs. Choose the engagement option that best meets your needs and your budget.

We Deliver

Our expert coaches and facilitators deliver training through our Signature Learning Experiences and personalized coaching journeys.

You Deliver

Many of our Signature Learning Experiences are available as Enterprise Learning Experiences. Program content and designs are licensed for delivery by your in-house facilitators.


We are preparing to launch exciting new self-directed learning solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Leadership Communication Trends Report

We asked 100 top clients across various industries about the role of leadership communication in their teams. This study revealed essential skills that help leaders excel in a constantly changing environment.

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A More Human Workplace. A More Human World.

At The Humphrey Group, inspiration is our purpose and our passion. Because when you’re inspired, you go out and inspire others. And the outcome is leadership. Inspired communication energizes people, ignites action, sparks connection, and unleashes human potential. For the past 35 years, we have developed our purpose all over the world, helping our clients build inspired leadership through communication training. Every learning experience we deliver brings us one step closer to our vision: a more human workplace, and a more human world.

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