Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training

A leader’s ability to influence and communicate with a rapidly diversifying workforce in today’s complex environment is a critical leadership competency. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training aligns the foundation of our leadership communication skills expertise with your DEI goals to facilitate positive interactions between groups of employees and grow the skills, knowledge, and motivation of people to interact with diverse groups.

Diverse group of professionals engaging in DEI training, fostering inclusive communication and leadership.
Leaders participating in a DEI workshop, enhancing skills for a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Team members in a collaborative DEI session, building a foundation for positive, diverse interactions.

What Makes Our DEI Training Programs Different?

Our clients choose us because we do one thing, and we do it well.

We teach leaders how to use communication to inspire others, and in turn, drive results, engagement, inclusion, and organizational success. Our programs are:


Each program is designed around a simple set of tools that can be implemented immediately.


Each program can be personalized to your needs when you leverage our library of Spark add-on modules.


Interactive, hands-on training keeps learners engaged throughout the experience.


A feedback-rich environment gives leaders a clear understanding of their strengths and development opportunities.


Our digital learning platform creates a seamless learning experience through all phases of the program.


Participants receive downloadable tools and templates that can be leveraged in a variety of communication scenarios.


A variety of delivery options ensure the right fit for your needs.


We have been teaching leaders how to communicate effectively for more than 35 years.

DEI Solutions

Our DEI solutions are designed to help you take ownership over DEI no matter where you are on your journey. Our goal is to provide you and your employees with the tools needed to embrace communication as an act of leadership, and the skills to promote inclusion every day. Our DEI solutions are appropriate for executive or senior leadership teams, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and your broader employee base.

Inclusive Leadership™

Foster a culture of belonging with inclusive communication.

Taking the Stage®

A purpose-built space for women to build leadership communication skills.

Proud to Lead®

A purpose-built space for LGBTQ2+ employees to build leadership communication skills.

Visible Leadership™

A purpose-built space for BIPOC employees to build leadership communication skills.

Enabling Leaders™

A purpose-built space for employees with disabilities to build leadership communication skills.