Leadership Communication Training

Our Leadership Philosophy

We believe communication is the key to unlocking the leadership potential in all of us. When we are empowered to communicate inspirationally, we help others see and hear us as leaders. Inspiring communication involves a lot more than just the words we choose. If you seek to lead others, inspiring communication requires self-awareness, strong relationships, and the ability to influence others. The ability to reflect, connect, and persuade are skills that all leaders must continually build and reinforce.

We’ve created three streams of leadership communication training to support your leaders on their development journey: reflection, connection, and persuasion. We believe this combination of fundamentally human skills is the future of leadership and the biggest factor in a leader’s success.

Persuade Connect Reflect

Persuasion Stream

Inspiring leaders know how to make an impact. They can influence and persuade diverse audiences by delivering a message with clarity and conviction. These skills are foundational for sharing ideas, implementing change, and producing real results. Below are our persuasion offerings.

Signature Learning Experiences (SLX)

Speaking as a Leader

Presenting as a Leader

Spark Modules

The Leader's Script

The Leader's Mindset

Handling Questions and Answers

Leadership Presence

Visual Thinking and Presentation Deck Building

Connection Stream

Inspiring leaders take the time to build trust. Teams and organizations built upon trust and strong relationships are high-performing, innovative, and resilient. Leaders who communicate with empathy, humility, and respect are able to foster a culture where connection is strong. Below are our connection offerings.

Signature Learning Experiences (SLX)

Inclusive Leadership

Communicating in the Virtual World

Spark Modules

Relationship Building

Storytelling for Leaders

Active Listening

Impromptu Communication

Reflection Stream

Inspiring leaders lead with intention. They are emotionally intelligent and have a deep understanding of themselves - they know their strengths, weaknesses, values and triggers, and how these can help or hinder their ability to lead. Becoming self-aware is the starting point for leading in an intentional way, where the way you see yourself matches the way others see you. Below are our reflection offerings.

Signature Learning Experience (SLX)

Authentic Leadership

Spark Module

Leadership Brand

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