Leadership Communication Training

The most effective leaders understand the power of communication. They know how to use clear, distinct language to convey their vision, and recognize that the words they choose make their ideas compelling and memorable. Our leadership communication training teaches leaders at all levels how to master communication as a leadership tool.

Executive mentoring a younger team member, showcasing diverse leadership and effective communication.
Woman presenting to an attentive boardroom, reflecting dynamic and inclusive leadership skills.
Woman guiding two colleagues on an iPad, exemplifying hands-on leadership training.

What Makes Our Leadership Communication Training Different? 

Our clients choose us because we do one thing, and we do it well

We train leaders how to use communication to inspire others, and in turn, drive results, engagement, inclusion, and organizational success. Our programs are:


Each program is designed around a simple set of tools that can be implemented immediately.


Each program can be personalized to your needs when you leverage our library of Spark add-on modules.


Interactive, hands-on training keeps learners engaged throughout the experience.


A feedback-rich environment gives leaders a clear understanding of their strengths and development opportunities.


Our digital learning platform creates a seamless learning experience through all phases of the program.


Participants receive downloadable tools and templates that can be leveraged in a variety of communication scenarios.


A variety of delivery options ensure the right fit for your needs.


We have been teaching leaders how to communicate effectively for more than 35 years.


Leaders use communication to inspire action every day. And there are many different ways to do that. Sometimes leadership communication is direct in its motive to persuade or influence others. Other times, it’s more subtle. Seizing a leadership opportunity is all about choosing the right communication technique for the audience and the context.

The Humphrey Group builds the communication skills today’s leaders need by focusing on 3 key areas. Individually, each area builds a discrete mindset and skillset. Together, they form the complete communication capability required for individual and organizational success.


Emotional intelligence is a critical leadership skill. The ability to reflect is the ability to recognize the importance of emotional intelligence, build both self and social awareness, and use these skills to communicate an authentic leadership brand.


Work is a social endeavor and there is no greater predictor of success than the quality of a leader’s relationships. The ability to connect is the ability to use communication to build trust with and among people.


Influencing and motivating others has been and continues to be essential for leaders at all levels. The ability to persuade is the ability to communicate in a way that aligns personal convictions with a deep understanding of the audience.

Signature Learning Experiences (SLX)

Speaking as a Leader®

Motivate, inspire, and align teams when leaders learn to leverage the power of the spoken word. Leaders will gain the ability to speak with clarity and confidence in any situation.

Presenting as a Leader™

Leaders learn to craft and deliver powerful presentations by blending an audience-centered message with engaging delivery and meaningful supporting visuals.

Authentic Leadership™

Enable your leaders to build an authentic leadership brand when they clarify their core convictions and learn to adapt communication so it aligns with their values and the needs of their audience.

Inclusive Leadership™

Foster a culture of belonging when you give your leaders the knowledge and tools to develop an authentic commitment to building inclusive environments through their words and actions.

Communicating in a Hybrid World™

The new world of work requires a new approach to inspiring communication. Leaders learn how to build inclusive, engaging hybrid teams and elevate their virtual presence.

Inspiring Feedback™

Fuel a performance-based culture where motivated employees thrive when leaders learn to use a structured model for giving and receiving feedback.