Leadership Communications for Investor Relations

Helping your company craft and share the most compelling story to the investment community.

Running a successful public company involves not only operating a strong business but being able to communicate the story to the investment community. Analysts and investors want to understand the thesis for the business and the future potential it holds. To craft and tell this story requires clear thinking, strong messaging and the ability to deliver presentations and Q&A in a way that inspires confidence.



We Develop Leaders who Inspire Investors

At The Humphrey Group, we don’t just understand the significance of a solid Investor Relations strategy; we elevate it. We have combined the expertise of Paul Butcher, an award-winning IR professional (and past client) with THG's proven communications methodology to create a unique IR offering. This combination empowers your company to...

  • Assessing the current capability of your executives to tell the story you want to the investment community 
  • Building capability in individual executives who interact with the investment community
  • Working on investor days and preparing each individual with personalized feedback
  • Building skills in handling investor Q&A, an important aspect of investor interation
  • Developing clear and consistent messaging amongst the speakers
  • Developing the next generation of leaders who will interact with the investment community

How it Works

Our services are highly tailored to the unique needs of your company and Investor Relations function. Whether you need help with a major investor day or simply want to prepare a newly-promoted executive for the harsh spotlight of the investor community, we can help. It all starts with a conversation...

Expertise Delivered

Paul Butcher leads The Humphrey Group's investor relations practice. He enjoyed a 30-year career at CN including most recently 14 years leading the IR function, during which time he engaged The Humphrey Group. The close collaboration with THG gave Paul a deep appreciation of how IR communications can be a competitive differentiator. He brings a passion for working with clients who want to enhance their ability to maximize shareholder value through strategic communications.

Paul has been recognized as one of the best Investor Relations Officer (IRO) over his career with many awards from the IR Awards Magazine, including best IRO in Canada in 2016 and 2022.

Quote marks

Investor Relations is a key function of an organization and I believe that this function is sometimes overlooked by organizations. Many studies have shown that IR can influence a share price.

- Paul Butcher


What Clients are Saying

Quote marks

Having directly worked with Paul over a decade,  I can say he brings knowledge and savvy to preparing for shareholder meetings, investor financial conferences, quarterly earnings calls. He knows the sell side analysts community and consistently expanded and diversified our shareholder base. Having seen the value of both of his expertise and The Humphrey Group’s coaching skills, I highly recommend the combination to any company seeking to grow long term shareholder value through IR.

- JJ Ruest, Retired CN President & CEO.

Paul is a forward thinker, prepared to back his convictions. Paul saw the long-term opportunities of getting CN on the radar screens of GLIO’s investment firm members who collectively manage over $130bn of AUM. Through meetings, webinars and educational material under the GLIO umbrella, CN’s shareholder register gained a new group of listed infrastructure specialists. Without a doubt, he can help other corporates do similar in this role.

- Fraser Hughes, CEO, GLIO

Having worked with them both personally, I have the utmost respect for Paul Butcher's IR knowledge and The Humphrey Group's leadership communication training and approach.  The combination of the two allows companies to make investor relations a competitive differentiator.
- Mike Cory, COO, CSX