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ELI: The Next Level of Learning

Meet ELI, The Humphrey Group’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) communication coach.

Support the Shift from Training to Mastery

ELI reinforces the new skills, habits, and behaviors developed in a learning experience with on-demand feedback on learners’ practice and application at work.

ELI in Action

You’re preparing for an upcoming presentation or meeting. You gained a number of new communication skills and techniques to use in the recent training provided by The Humphrey Group, but you want more support for implementing these new skills and techniques on the job. 


Enter ELI.

ELI is your AI-powered, at-work companion, ready to give you personalized feedback to ensure you captivate your next audience.  


Trained with Expert Data

ELI is an expert on The Humphrey Group’s IP ensuring feedback directly aligns with your program experience

Personalized Feedback

With ELI, you can specify the type of audience you’re presenting to (e.g., business, peers, or skeptical), and you’ll gain personalized recommendations to improve audience takeaways and showcase your leadership. ELI’s analytics also help you reduce filler words, repetition, and weak words, and improve conciseness.

Always Available

ELI is available 24/7 to provide judgment-free advice on how to improve your delivery.

Continue to Master

The learning doesn’t stop when the formal learning engagement ends. ELI’s continuous support ensures learners master their new skills and always deliver communication that inspires

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