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Leadership Development: Training and Coaching

At The Humphrey Group, we leverage more than 35 years of specialized expertise delivered by skilled coaches and facilitators to transform your leaders into inspiring communicators. Our solutions focus on applying proven methodologies that are simple to apply and drive measurable results.

A dynamic leadership development session at The Humphrey Group with leaders engaged in skill-building activities.

Better Communication Starts Here

Our solutions create more self-aware, collaborative, and engaging leaders who drive team and organization success.

Leadership Communication Training

Communication is the key that unlocks the leadership potential in all of us. Our leadership communication solutions are centered around three key skill sets essential to all leaders: reflection, connection, and persuasion.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Communication Training

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a core leadership skill and should be a part of your leadership strategy. Our DEI solutions are focused on two key components: creating an inclusive environment and empowering equity seeking groups.

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Leadership Coaching

For a more personalized approach, we offer one-on-one and team coaching options to help your leaders develop targeted leadership and/or DEI communication skills. Whatever your leaders’ development needs, our team of expert coaches is ready to help. 

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Investor Relations

Leading companies know that to maximize shareholder value, they need to tell a compelling story to investors and analysis. The Humphrey Group brings unique expertise that helps public companies craft and deliver just such a narrative in quarterly calls and investor days.

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Coaches at The Humphrey Group mentoring a diverse group of professionals in a corporate setting.