Our Approach

At The Humphrey Group, inspiration is our purpose and our passion. We believe communication is the key to unlocking the leadership potential in all of us. Because when you’re inspired, you go out and inspire others and the outcome is leadership. Inspired communication energizes people, ignites action, sparks connection, and unleashes human potential. For more than 35 years, we have been living our purpose all over the world, helping our clients build inspired leadership through communication training. Every learning experience we deliver brings us one step closer to our vision: a more human workplace, and a more human world.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to teach and promote inspiring communication at work and everywhere. We believe that inspiring communication creates more human workplaces and a more human world.

A meeting at The Humphrey Group with leaders practicing inspiring communication, fostering a more human workplace.

35+ Years of Developing Inspiring Leaders

Image of Judith Humphrey, a speech writer: Found of the Humphrey Group

The Beginning

The Humphrey Group was established in 1988 by Judith Humphrey, a speechwriter who noticed a growing need for a company that could help executives prepare and deliver speeches to inspire their audiences. Judith founded the company with the vision to turn executives into inspiring leaders.

A woman in business casual attire confidently delivering a speech at a podium, representing The Humphrey Group's 'Speaking as a Leader' program.

Breaking the Mold

In the late nineties, there was a shift from leadership development being something reserved for C-level executives, to a more inclusive approach that emphasized the development of leaders at all levels. Our intellectual capital was broadened to include group seminars (allowing executives to bring training to their teams) and our flagship program, Speaking as a Leader®, was born.

Infographic of The Humphrey Group's leadership training: Reflection, Connection, Persuasion, for inspirational leadership and DEI goals.

Future Methodology

From that point forward, our program portfolio continued to grow, and our definition of leadership evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients. Today, we offer programs in three streams of leadership communication training - Reflection, Connection, and Persuasion. This approach is used to develop inspirational leaders at all levels and to promote organizations’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. 

Guided by Core Values

Our core values guide our behavior and are rooted in what we believe creates a more human world and drives us to excel in our mission. Every action we take with our clients and with each other is guided by these core values.


Each and every one of us is unwilling to settle for the status quo. It inspires us to continuously learn and improve, while modeling what we teach.


We prioritize our personal and professional well-being. We love to laugh and are committed to giving back to our communities. 


We know that diversity in perspectives only makes us stronger. For that reason, we practice humility and authenticity in every interaction.


We value a high level of accountability and demand it of ourselves and our colleagues, so that we deliver – always. 


We aren’t afraid of change. In fact, we embrace it. It encourages innovation and curiosity that leads to better solutions for our clients.


We act with integrity and always strive to model transparency, honesty, and fairness. If we give our word, we keep it. Full stop.

Professionals engaged in a Humphrey Group workshop, learning to create a more human and connected work environment.