The Humphrey Group Impact

We are dedicated to our vision of creating a more human workplace and a more human world. As part of that vision, our goal is to leave a positive impact on every client we work with and every community we serve. We know our potential extends beyond the formal development solutions and resources we provide, and that’s why we’re committed to being responsible corporate citizens.

Women in a meeting, discussing The Humphrey Group's environmental and social goals for global impact
Female leaders strategizing on The Humphrey Group's sustainability and governance initiatives.
Women executives planning sustainability strategies, showcasing The Humphrey Group's commitment to global prosperity

Our ESG Vision

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

We were inspired by this vision and are aligning our ESG strategy with it to amplify our impact. Each year, we commit to setting one Environment, one Social, and one Governance goal, inspired by the SDGs, to work on as an organization in an effort to realize the UN’s vision.

Hands cradling a miniature Earth, symbolizing commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for a better, sustainable future.
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Sustainability Report

We’re thrilled to share our very first Sustainability Report! In it, you'll learn more about our ongoing efforts to weave sustainability into the fabric of leadership. It's a detailed look at our ESG journey, celebrating our accomplishments and acknowledging the areas where we continue to grow and learn

Our ESG Strategy in Action

Reducing Hunger in our Communities

As an organization, we recognized that many of our team members have a passion for reducing food insecurity, so for our current “Social” goal, we’ve chosen to focus on the SDG of “Zero Hunger.” Twice a year, we have team volunteer days where our members serve at food banks and other nonprofits dedicated to reducing food insecurity in the local communities where our team members live and work.

Volunteers from our organization serving food, actively working towards reducing hunger in their community.
Team members volunteering at a food bank, supporting 'Zero Hunger' efforts in their local community.

Delivering Training for Local Nonprofits

Our passion for developing leaders who inspire extends beyond traditional corporate communities with extensive training budgets. We also partner with nonprofit organizations in our local communities to make training accessible and affordable for their staff.

Woman at a computer, delivering accessible leadership training for staff in local nonprofit organizations.

The Inspired Entrepreneur

Bart Egnal, CEO of The Humphrey Group, mentoring entrepreneurs in the Inspired Entrepreneur program for leadership and business growth.

A Mentorship Program Offered by Bart Egnal, CEO of The Humphrey Group

The Inspired Entrepreneur is a complimentary six-month mentorship program for entrepreneurs who are driven to build and grow their company and are looking for both guidance and training that can support their success. The Humphrey Group and Bart are pleased to launch this program to support our mission of developing inspiring leaders while allowing Bart an opportunity to give back to entrepreneurs. 

The program consists of: 

  • Mentoring – Six months of monthly mentorship and coaching with Bart Egnal, CEO of The Humphrey Group/ Chairman of the Niagara Institute.
  • Training – Complimentary attendance in The Humphrey Group’s leadership communication courses (specific courses selected in partnership with Bart) and private coaching on leadership presence. A total value of approximately $10,000. 
  • Networking – Access to a broader network of professionals and advisors. We facilitate connections based on your unique needs and the needs of your business.

Are you interested in learning how to grow your leadership skills and businesses? Download the program brochure here.

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