Visible Leadership™

Build a network of support when you engage in leadership communication skills development with other BIPOC leaders in Visible Leadership™. 

Create inspired Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) leaders with our Visible LeadershipTM program. Give them the leadership communication tools and skills they need to lead with purpose and impact all while building a strong network of support. 

BIPOC leadership team engaged in a board meeting, reflecting the collaborative spirit of 'Visible Leadership' by The Humphrey Group.

Ideal Audience

New and aspiring BIPOC leaders. Also appropriate for BIPOC Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Delivery Method

In-Person or virtual. Hybrid learning options are also available.

Available In: English, French, and Spanish.


In-Person: 2 days, or;

Virtual: 4, 1.5-hour live online sessions over four weeks + pre-program, self-paced learning modules + 30-minutes of 1:1 virtual coaching.

Visible Leadership™ Program Overview:

Visible Leadership™  is a purpose-built space for BIPOC employees to share their unique challenges and learn from one another’s experiences, while building leadership communication skills. Engaging in development with leaders who’ve had similar experiences and face common challenges creates a safe, trusting environment where true learning, growth, and support can occur.  

Visible Leadership™  is designed by, led by, and offered exclusively by The Humphrey Group’s own roster of inspiring, engaging BIPOC facilitators and designers.

What Participants Learn in our Visible Leadership™ Program:

We recognize that the specific communication challenges facing BIPOC leaders vary by organization, so the first step in the development process is a partnership to determine exactly which skills we need to address in your program. We then develop a learning experience for your BIPOC leaders tailored to your needs. Though specific learning outcomes may vary, the goal is to unlock the conviction and authenticity at the heart of inspiring leadership for your BIPOC leaders. The sharing of experiences is central to the learning experience.  

In this learning experience, you can achieve the following outcomes with one of our proven designs, or you can tailor the content and design to your specific needs. Participants in Visible LeadershipTM may receive the knowledge and tools to:  

  • Approach communication as an act of leadership. 
  • Understand the importance of vision no matter their level or role. 
  • Cultivate a strong core of conviction to support their vision.  
  • Design a leadership brand that aligns with their core convictions and values. 
  • Build resilience in the face of challenges. 
  • Project a powerful and authentic presence, both in-person and virtually.  
  • Approach impromptu communication with the same level of intention as more formal opportunities. 
  • Grow their BIPOC network and strengthen existing networks within the organization. 

Is Visible Leadership™ Right for You?

Visible Leadership™  is ideal for new or aspiring BIPOC leaders who are struggling with one or more of the following challenges:  

  • Developing a powerful and authentic leadership presence.
  • Cultivating core values and sharing them with others.  
  • Building a network of support with other BIPOC leaders. 

Tailored Program Add-Ons:

The Visible Leadership program design is tailored to your specific needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our Sales team to learn more about our full library of Spark add-on modules. A couple of exercises we highly recommend adding to a program for members of the BIPOC community include:

Facilitated Panel to Kick-Off

The Humphrey Group facilitates a panel session with senior leaders and members of the BIPOC community in your organization to kick off the learning experience.

Facilitated Networking Session to Close

The Humphrey Group facilitates a networking session between senior leaders and members of the BIPOC community in your organization to close the learning experience. 

Diverse leadership team at a board meeting, exemplifying the inclusive and skill-building environment of 'Visible Leadership' by The Humphrey Group.