Fostering Gender Equity in the Workplace

In this episode, Bart Egnal speaks with Jennifer Reynolds. Jennifer is the President and CEO of Toronto Finance International (TFI). TFI is a public-private partnership between Canada's largest financial services institutions and the government.

Jennifer and Bart talk about why women are still under represented in the Canadian workforce , and what companies need to do in order to fix this.


Here are some moments from the conversation:

How did gender diversity become a cause for you? (2:53)
Barriers to women in leadership (5:24)
Why aren't there more female CEOs? (6:57)
Mid-career talent pipeline (9:04)
What is causing the disconnect? (9:24)
Measuring representation and promotion statistics (10:55)
Kinds of responses to diversity issues (13:40)
Broadening the diversity conversation (17:22)
Raptors tapped into diverse markets (19:08)
Talent is a key element (24:49)
Moving beyond "bro" culture (30:20)
Giving more parental options to men (33:45)
Advice to people interested in speaking up (34:55)

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