The Power and Art Of Storytelling

In this episode, Bart interviews Renae Morriseau. Renae's journey has been in working creatively with Indigenous people. She's a writer, theatre director & musician who helps people find their voice through effective storytelling.


Here are some moments from the conversation:

How did you get to do what you do? (4:23)
Agusta Buel (5:08)
Phil Fontane's experience (5:29)
What was it about Phil's story? (6:33)
Storytelling to decolonize (8:28)
Truth and reconciliation commission (11:59)
Resilience art (12:12)
Downtown east side of Vancouver (12:47)
Self care (13:21)
Reconciling with their own families (14:31)
What's your approach to working with people on storytelling (16:18)
Collective stories (21:33)
Growing global awareness of systemic racism (24:15)
How do non-indigenous people listen? (25:18)
Hungry listening = Dylan Robinson (25:58)
Decolonize our listening (26:16)
How do you open up to listening (30:48
Difficulties in connecting with stories that challenge us (31:25)
Not knowing what to say is the greatest gift to someone (32:03)
Silence can be OK (32:23)
Align mind, heart, gut (33:34)
Resources? where to go from here? (34:37)

Renae's Work:

-Here’s a project called, Home, Homelessness & the Culture In-Between. There is a 5 minute video on this link

-This is a play she helped to write call Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way. This is about ‘reconciliation’ within Indigenous communities as a family mends their relationship back together because of the impact of Residential School.

-This is a play White Noise by Taran Kootenayhoo that she will be directing for its Vancouver premiere at the firehall theatre. Here is a little write-up about it.…ism-1.23630503

-Here is an article written about M’Girl Music - A group of Indigenous Women singing hand-drum songs. What’s unique about what they do is that they harmonize to their traditional Cree, Saulteaux, Anishnaabe songs.…-vocal-harmonies

-And finally her film work, she directed 6 episodes of the 12 created for the 3rd Season of Quest Our West - for APTN. This will come out this fall. This link is about Season 1 and 2.

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