How To Craft Your Crisis Communication

In today's episode, Bart speaks with Benjamin Morgan and Jeff Angel from Centre for Crisis and Risk Communications (CCRC).

CCRC prepares organizations for their next crisis by: conducting vulnerability audits, writing and executing crisis communication plans, providing training (crisis and media) and strategic communication counsel.

Listen in to learn the rules of communication during a crisis, and how you can better connect with your stakeholders during this tough time.


Here are some moments from the conversation:

What does the Centre for Crisis & Risk Communications do? (2:25)
Did any of your clients prepare for this type of crisis? (3:14)
High stress needs different communication (9:49)
How should you communicate in crisis? (10:17)
How COVID-19 is different -- the drawn out nature of it (11:58)
Follow up with conviction about what needs to be done (14:07)
Common mistakes leaders make in crisis communication (19:07)
People can deal with tragedy and adversity better than uncertainty- 21:03)
Doug Ford's communication on COVID-19 (21:46)
Should the leader of the org be the chief spokesperson? (23:40)
Enough with the daily press conferences (24:20)
Be sure to add value in your communications (26:40)
"Stay in your laneway" 26:58)
Don't share for the sake of it (27:32)
Authentic communication (28:02)

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