How To Let Your Authenticity Guide Your Career

In this episode Bart interviews Ronan Levy, Founder and Executive Chairman of Field Trip Health, one of the world's leading psychedelic companies, about his non-traditional career choices. Ronan, who began his professional career a corporate lawyer, soon found himself hating his working life, and set out on a series of risky yet authentic ventures in pursuit of fulfilment. From working in the music business, to a stint at an online dating site he won't name (!) to becoming a pioneer in cannabis, Ronan has had a lifetime of experiences. His insights help make clear that even if you aren't always successful, following your authentic passion will make you more fulfilled along the way.

Teaser   00:00

Show leading      00:17

Introduction       00:52

Leaving the traditional path of "success"               01:35

The path of the lawyer   01:54

Working in law -- I hated my life 02:41

Happiness comes from progress towards your goals         03:24

Setting real goals             03:39

MTV lawyer        03:58

Online dating company lawyer    04:21

Opportunity can be found in cultural taboos        05:16

What questions should people ask to discover their authentic calling?      06:49

Don't rationalize -- check in with yourself              07:37

Listen to your feelings    08:09

Calling into work "well"  08:42

What makes you feel good to be alive?   08:57

Freedom to explore         09:05

Leaving work      09:30

First business - Toronto Gold       09:59

What's the icky factor of cash for gold     10:46

Joined EO - Entrepreneurs Org    12:00

Mastermind talks             12:31

Cannabis industry             13:43

Golden handcuffs             15:24

Do well by doing good    18:07

Canadian Cannabis Clinics            18:52

Medical benefits              20:50

Facing resistance -- getting energy from it             23:08

Resistance steels my resolve!      23:58

The stern foe of all sham              24:40

Most recent venture -- Field Trip Health 25:59

MDMA breakthrough therapy     27:38

Proactively pursuing own mental/emotional growth         29:52

Resistance to idea of psychedelics             30:42

World leaders in advancing the therapeutic application of psychedelics    31:43

Legal access to psychedelics is happing sooner than people thought          32:46

Next generation of molecules      33:15

What's your next journey?           36:10

OUTRO 37:23

To find out more about Field Trip Health and their amazing products please visit:

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