Diversity and Inclusion Benefit Everyone: Have the Conversation

In this episode, Bart Egnal speaks with Amara Hunt, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Programs at The Humphrey Group. They talk about managing unconscious bias and the importance of initiating and continuing to have conversations about diversity and inclusion.

Amara specializes in corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. She has extensive knowledge of CSR trends, best policies and practices, and strategies. Amara led the revitalization of The Humphrey Group's Taking The Stage program, designed to help women be seen and heard as leaders.


Here are some moments from their conversation:

Taking the Stage program. (6:04)
Discussion shift: Women's agency to organizations/"the system." (8:46) / (9:33)
The numbers. (11:23)
Create structures that support inclusion. (12:49)
Prepare for the conversation. (16:58)
Educate yourself and your senior leaders. (18:01)
Think about your own implicit bias. (21:15)
Have courage to change the status quo. (23:41)
Success comes from conversations and training. (25:35)
Inclusion benefits everyone. (27:47)

Take Harvard's implicit bias test:

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