Why Every Leader Should Do Improv

In today's episode of the Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal speaks with Dan Dumsha, Consultant at The Humphrey Group. They talk about improv as not just a theatrical technique, but a skill for every leader to practice to be inspirational.

Dan works closely with leaders at all levels, delivering coaching and group courses. He draws on his background as an improv specialist and acting performer to help clients deliver a strong presence, and make a positive change in their communication. Dan teaches improv at the Vancouver TheaterSports League.


What is improv? (3:06)
Authenticity and engagement. (5:05)
Why leaders need improv. (7:39)
Presentations are conversations. (9:38)
Gauging your audience. (12:28)
Vancouver TheaterSports League courses. (14:35)
Acknowledging another's idea. (16:57)
Yes-and exercise. (18:30)
Co-creating. (23:54)
When conversations don't go as expected. (25:06)
What to avoid - Yes-but exercise. (25:47)
Organized thinking - Instant Expert exercise. (30:53)
Reacting to what you hear. (37:16)

Listen now to hear more:

Learn about Dan and Vancouver TheaterSports League:


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