Be Vulnerable If You Want To Lead

Today on the Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal speaks with Paul Carroll, Head of Operational and Process Improvements, Global Wholesale Operations at Scotiabank and Managing Partner at Pathfinder Leadership Associates. They talk about how vulnerability is key to inspiring as a leader and building trust and rapport with others.

Paul previously spent 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. He commanded squadrons and retired with the rank of Major. He brings this experience to his work at Pathfinder Leadership Associates, providing experiential training to the corporate world.


Here are some moments from their conversation:

Defining vulnerability. (4:04)
Building trust. (5:58)
Being vulnerable builds trust - military training story. (6:58)
Collective model of leadership - Blackwater Retreat story. (8:49)
Moving into role at bank. (12:36)
Openness to different perspectives. (14:40)
How to be relatable: test and adjust. (16:58)
Lead by example: show that vulnerability is good. (20:40)
Open up different channels of communication. (21:30)
Create comfortable spaces to express ideas. (23:41)
Recognize flaws and work collectively. (25:03)

Listen now to hear more!


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