Leading With Purpose

What does it mean to lead with purpose? How do you determine your purpose? How do you ensure your own purpose is aligned with your organization? William Onuwa tackles these questions in this episode of The Inspire Podcast. Drawing on lessons from his successful career he explores how finding who you are can make the practice of leadership not only more effective, but more fulfilling. 

Highlights from the episode:

Intro/Welcome (00:45)     

Leading with purpose (01:11)

How do you make people feel? (02:25)

Your own purpose (03:08)

What is the purpose of this role (03:34)

Early career development (03:59)

Mother's commitment to schooling (04:20)

Mentorship (05:10)

Leadership is about well-being of people (05:46)

Time (07:01)

Purpose vs Values (07:44)

Dreamcatchers (08:32)

Connect your purpose with organizational purpose (09:05)

Mismatch with an organization (09:32)

Questioning challenging values (09:46)

Firing bottom 10% at GE (10:16)

Is this what I want to do? (11:28)

Servant Leadership (13:00)

You owe them (14:24)

Not the traditional way executives talk! (16:18)

Did people trust this approach initially?(16:44)


Consistency over time (18:14)

Transformation and Servant Leadership (19:07)

Employ different influencing styles (19:30)

Doing Layoffs/downsizing (20:10)

Preserving dignity (21:05)

How would you feel in their shoes? (21:53)

Sort out yourself first (22:42)

Advice on finding your own purpose (23:09)

Portfolio of experience (24:30)

Thank you's (26:23)

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