Why Every Leader Should Learn To IKIGAI

In this episode, Bart interviews Tim Tamashiro. Tim is the author of "How to IKIGAI", along with being a jazz singer, speaker, and radio broadcaster.

He now however focusses on bringing the Japanese concept of IKIGAI to the world. The term translates to "life's worth", and helps one understand how they can live a more fulfilling life.


Here are some moments from the conversation:

Tim's journey (3:28)
Origin of the word IKIGAI (4:00)
4 directions of IKIGAI (5:19)
Clarifying ideas on IKIGAI (8:40)
Figuring out your IKIGAI (12:30)
IKIGAI coach/introducer (14:32)
The power of the subconscious mind (17:00)
How to do IKIGAI when dealing with commitments (18:34)
How to know when you've found your IKIGAI? (22:37)
Do more "You"! (27:29)
Angela Knight's "Do Crew" (27:49)
Tim's IKIGAI (29:55)
Don't defer fulfilment (31:52)

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