Move Your Body, Settle Your Mind, Improve Your Leadership

In this episode, Bart speaks with Nathania Harrison who is the founder of Saor Studio. Saor is a movement studio where their efforts are grounded in self study, body awareness and mindfulness to help you uncover new possibility within.

Listen in to learn how you can keep your mind healthy by keeping your body healthy.


Moments from the conversation:

How Nathania started Saor Studio (3:57)
Leaving the dream job (7:21)
Balancing work and family (8:08)
Philosophy of movement and positive stress (9:32)
How does movement help the mind? (12:04)
The mind's response to discomfort (13:06)
Awareness builds strength (13:37)
Learning your response to challenges (14:06)
Rewriting your limiting stories (16:22)
Focus on feelings in the body instead of mind (17:01)
"Courageous confidence" (20:31)
Creating a new ability (22:21)
Listening to deeper self to reach full potential (22:57)
Plug section (26:53)

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