Make Sure You're Climbing the Right Mountain with Tony Martignetti

In this episode of The Inspire Podcast Bart speaks with Tony Martignetti, Founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching about why so many leaders reach a career peak only to realize they may have to in fact come down and climb a different mountain. Drawing on his own life experiences where he walked away from a prestigious executive role to reflect on his own journey, Tony shares wisdom he currently uses to coach leaders in many fields. He explains the signs that you may be in crisis, how to know if you're climbing the right mountain, what to do when you come off your first path, and how to start again. In this time of the Great Resignation and career disruption Tony's advice is helpful when you know something isn't working but don't want to jump at the next thing without knowing where you're headed.


00.32. Teaser     

00.12 Inspire music/intro      

00.49 Welcome Tony            

01:33. Introduction                 

02:25 Early career                   

02:49 Biotech              

03:08 Something missing      

03:54 Internal doubts

04:36 Breaking point

05:05 Lost himself in the process      

06:05 Rock bottom    

08:11 Golden handcuffs -- how to overcome

09:44 Leaving the room -- change the way leaders "show up"        

11:01 Crises on the mountain             

12:30 What he wanted to do for his clients  

13:48 Signs that you might be stuck                

15:00 Finding the balance                          

15:36 We can control our level of excitement towards work          

16:33 You may be in the right job, but your perspective might need to change     

18:56 Going back in time - time travelling anthropologist                    

20:50 How Covid has brought this in focus                                      

24:30 Are there people who can't unstick themselves?                                  

26:07 Biggest hurdles to overcome when making career changes             

27:04 Don't box yourself in                                        

28:58 Celebrate your own accomplishments and experiences        

30:25 3 places to start journey to career fulfillment     

30:47 Pause                                                                  

31:07 What do I want?                                                 

31:34 What am I going to do next?                                    

32:07 Book recommendations                               

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