Story Living: How to Tell Stories that Inspire with Megan Fielding

In this conversation Bart speaks with Megan Fielding, Vice President, Brand and Culture Communications at Nutrien, about Story Living. Megan explains how you can turn clarity of purpose into powerful stories that inspire employees, customers, stakeholders and yourself. She shares how the concept has guided her own career, leading her to choose -- and leave -- jobs that allowed her to connect more deeply with what mattered to her. She then outlines how she is helping apply this concept at Nutrien, a global fertilizer company, to connect a global community with the work the business does to feed the world. Megan's story provides practical and relevant ways to weave meaningful stories into work and life. 

00:57 Teaser
00:14 Intro
00:54 Introducing Megan
01:22 What does Nutrien do?
02:51 How Megan got started in communications
07:05 Has "purpose" gone mainstream for employees?
09:15 Concept of "Story Living"
11:25 Story living when she got to Nutrien
12:03 Defining Nurtien's purpose
12:41 Telling our story
13:24 How to make impact
13:39 Shift in expectations for businesses to do more
15:17 Inspiring others
16:28 "Our Roots' campaign 
19:23 Story living - taking it outwards
20:57 Advice to people on story driven living
21:45 Find your own connection the organization you belong to
24:00 How to tell stories about your connection to your work
26:15 Showcase your vulnerability 
27:30 How to bring vulnerability to the story
31:02 Recommended books
31:54 Thank yous
32: 33 Outros

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