The Road To Equality Is Paved With Equity - A Conversation With The Humphrey Group in support of IWD 2023

The Inspire Podcast is back! Season 5 kicks off with a special episode in support of the 2023 International Women’s Day, whose theme is to #embraceequity. Bart welcomes three members of The Humphrey Group — Marissa Dyck, Angie Park and Claudia Villaran — for a wide-ranging panel discussion. The group tackles why equity is still far off, and what organizations and individuals can do to close the gap by celebrating achievement, raising awareness of discrimination and taking action to drive gender parity. Tune in for insights and practical guidance on how to inspire a more equitable world.

Visit the following links for resources and to learn more about how you can #embraceequity.
Women in the Workplace 2022 McKinsey Study:…in-the-workplace
UN Women's Website:
Institute for Gender and the Economy:
Canadian Women's Foundation:
Women at Work Podcast series:
Engendering Success in Stem:


1:16 Show Intro
3:50 Introductions
3:55 Marissa Dyck
4:26 Angie Min Ah Park
5:12 Claudia Villarán
5:40 Why does equity matter? Why is there so far to go?
6:01 The difference between equality and equity
8:16 Women in the Workplace 2022 McKinsey Study
9:25 Why we don't yet have the equity
10:11 Workplace disadvantages i.e. paternal leave
10:46 What can the individual leader do?
11:23 Raise awareness
11:53 Inclusion
12:11 New habits
12:41 Educating ourselves on women's challenges
13:08 Spontaneous decisions
14:27 Starts with women
15:13 International Women's Day and ways to support equity
15:58 Celebrating women's achievements
16:10 Reasons women don't celebrate their achievements as much
17:02 Men's (over) confidence and women's (under) confidence
19:21 How to better celebrate women's achievements
19:33 Internal pressure and perfectionism
22:43 Raising awareness about discrimination
24:24 We don't know what we don't know
24:49 Safe spaces
26:19 Challenging questions around discrimination
27:28 UN Women's website
27:59 Reshaping the mindset and definitions
28:55 The burden of DEI work is often placed on women
32:13 What does The Humphrey Group do?
32:56 What can HR leaders do?
37:07 Other ways for non-HR leaders to help women
37:30 Allyship
41:34 What gives you hope?
43:50 Thank yous
44:30 Outro


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