Why Every Leader Should Unlock the Power of Their Voice

On this episode of the Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal speaks with Kate Lynch, a Consultant at The Humphrey Group and a voice professional, actor, director, and playwright. They talk about how to unlock your voice, free your breath, and project your ideas with confidence and authenticity.


Kate specializes in strengthening her clients’ vocal and physical presence. Kate has taught voice at the Stratford Festival, the Shaw Festival, the University of Toronto Drama Program, George Brown College, and the National Theatre School.

Here are some moments from their conversation and *exercises you can try to free your voice:

Voice work. (3:51)
Allow underlying emotion. (6:00)
Vocal impediments. (7:20)
Where to begin with voice work. (10:06)
Voice apps. (12:31)
Alignment and posture. (13:58)
*Alignment and balance exercise. (16:30)
*Shoulder and neck tension. (21:07)
How much we reveal about ourselves through voice. (23:09)
*Jaw exercise. (24:17)
Three quick fixes to help with voice. (25:00)
*Pitch exercise. (29:13)
Find your authentic voice; unlock your vocal instrument. (31:22)

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