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Preparing Future Leaders in Financial Services 



Recognizing the potential in their new university graduate hires, this organization invested in their growth through a rotational leadership development program. These promising future leaders rotate through three unique roles across the organization over three years, spending one year in each position. Through this process, they’re introduced to a variety of business areas and develop new leadership skills. They also have opportunities to engage and connect with executives and senior leaders to increase exposure, with the ultimate goal of developing the skills for the future leadership roles of tomorrow. In the second year of this program, participants begin to work with various leaders, including executives, and need to develop their communication skills. Specifically, participants need to learn how to develop executive presence, structure communication for impact, and speak with clarity and confidence.


To develop these critical communication skills, the client partnered with The Humphrey Group to deliver our Speaking as a Leader learning experience. Offered annually, this program is specifically tailored for second-year participants in the rotational leadership development program. It equips them with the tools to communicate with impact, including strategies to plan and deliver structured, compelling messages that motivate their audience to act. The 2-day sessions are designed not only to enhance their immediate communication skills but also to build a foundation for future leadership roles. By the program's conclusion, participants are prepared to lead conversations that inspire action and drive change, and lead with confidence.


Speaking as a Leader has been instrumental in developing and refining the communication skills of its participants. Post-training evaluations show that over 75% of participants reported significant improvements in their ability to structure communications to make a stronger impact and express their ideas with greater clarity and confidence. This has been particularly evident in their enhanced ability to engage effectively with senior leaders and peers, fostering a more collaborative and proactive leadership environment. Feedback from participants consistently underscores their increased confidence and capability in leadership roles, highlighting the program's role in advancing their professional development.

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Financial Industry | 50,000 Employees | Global

The client is an international leader in the financial services industry.


of participants reported significant improvement in their ability to structure communication to make a stronger impact.


of participants improved their ability to convey a strong physical and verbal presence.

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