Build Your Relationship Intelligence with Michael Piperno

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode Bart speaks with Michael Piperno, founder of the Comvia Group, about building Relationship Intelligence. 
Michael is a seasoned communications coach whose passion is to help clients communicate more clearly and effectively, build and maintain positive and healthy business relationships while leading with confidence. He takes Bart through an assessment then uses it to share lessons from his work around helping clients build their capacity to forge authentic relationships. He explains what strengths people bring, how to understand those you work with better, how conflict is the ultimate crucible of "R-IQ" and answers that vexing question of how much people can really change.
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00:15 Intro
00:54 Welcome Michael Piperno
01:50 What Comvia does
03:00 Relationship intelligence
05:33 Why is there so little focus on the interpersonal?
06:17 How can we build each other up?
07:09 Strength Deployment Inventory
07:46 What motivates each of us?
09:55 Bart's test results
10:50 3 themes to develop better skills
11:18 Assessing your own motives - people, process, performance
12:09 How we experience conflict
14:59 What strengths we all bring to the table
17:07 How do people get started with this approach
21:45 Your conflict style
27:09 Common conflict sequences
31:08 How to work your own strengths
33:07 Do strengths change over time?
34:02 How does knowing your strengths effect your communications
35:40 Overdone strengths and their impact on communication
38:10 Manage perceptions
39:38 In summary
40:36 How much do people really change?
42:52 Ho to find more about the assessment and Michael 
43:18 Thank yous
43:31 Outro