Practice Compassionate Accountability with Nate Regier

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode, Bart is joined by Dr. Nate Regier to speak about his new book, Compassionate Accountability. Nate explains that kindness and high performance are not mutually exclusive but actually deeply interwoven. He explains how to  embrace the yes and mindset of compassionate accountability, and how to practice it day in and day out as an individual leader. He also explains how companies can institutionalize the concept to improve their culture. Whether you’re asking employees to return to the office, giving difficult performance feedback, or even making decisions about who should be in what role, Nate’s framework and new book will prove invaluable for inspirational leadership today. 
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00:28 Show intro 

01:02 Welcoming Nate 
01:56 Background to writing this book on compassion 
02:23 Raised as a Mennonite 
03:35 Story about first act of violence 
04:48 The Narcissist 
05:15 Corporate world journey 
07:16 Founding Next Element 
08:46 Journey of Compassion 
08:57 Define compassion and accountability according to Nate 
09:19 Compassion: Struggling with other people 
10:18 Compassion is learnable and teachable 
10:24 We are valuable - capable - responsible 
11:30 Define accountability and responsibility 
13:01 Self-compassion 
13:18 business compassion 
13:38 inclusion compassion 
13:57 Pandemic effect on compassion 
14:04 The pendulum of compassion 
15:27 Pandemic divisions 
15:51 Cancel culture 
17:05 Compassion without accountability   
17:43 Accountability without compassion 
17:57 Command and control not working with younger employees
18:15 Examples of each 
20:13 Accountability and Compassion are not at odds 
21:44 Mindset matters 
21:59 What is the compassion mindset? 
22:19 What holds people back? 
22:32 How people see themselves and others 
23:02 Mindset is attitude and is a choice 
25:10 Thought experiment about RTO 
29:07 Three great places to start 
29:38 1 Get over yourself and start being vulnerable 
29:51 Burnout 
30:28 2 Ask for help 
31:11 3 Don't compromise on priorities 
33:44 How to implement these on an organizational level 
34:22 What's missing from a lot of leadership books  
34:56 How to set behavior norms in an org 
35:54 Performance management and reviews
37:36 Example of nurse manager 
40:37 How to find out more about this
41:33 Thank yous 
42:02 Outro