How Entrepreneurs and Leaders Can Manage Difficult Emotions with Dr. Sherry Walling

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode, Bart speaks with psychologist, podcaster and renowned speaker Dr. Sherry Walling about the emotional challenges facing entrepreneurs and leaders today. In her practice, Sherry helps clients navigate transition, rapid growth, loss and other complex human experiences. She draws on this work to share with Bart why leaders are facing the highest levels of burnout, stress and anxiety in 30 years, and what to do about it. Sherry explores techniques like self-soothing, practicing gratitude and building strong, connected relationships to weather the storm and emerge energized and feeling more capable and confident. An important listen for anyone grappling with the mental health challenges that are increasingly the price to pay for leadership.


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Touching Two Worlds

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together


00:50 - Introducing and welcoming Sherry

02:22 - Why Bart asked Sherry on to the show

03:22 - Sherry talks about her background

05:11 - Entrepreneurs and PTSD symptoms

06:56 - Making the switch to working with Entrepreneurs from Soldiers

07:09 - Aaron Shwartz 

08:48 - Overview of challenges facing leaders today

09:14 - Pace of change

10:27 - Google example of insecurity

10:51 - How does this change affect leaders?

11:14 - Not being able to stop thoughts

11:48 - Incomplete information 

12:34 - Burnout and Stress

13:11 - What burnout consists of

14:08 - Data on suicide rates over the last 30 years

16:04 - Strategies to help in times of changes

16:25 - Internal capacity to feel calm is important

16:51 - Learning to settle down

17:29 - How do people calm themselves?

18:08 - Help for the doom scrollers

21:20 - Learning Gratitude

22:14 - Naturally hyper-attuned to the negative 

24:43 - Her new book about grief

26:22 - Strong, connected relationships

29:46 - Optimism about entrepreneurs and their relationships 

31:11 - Summing it up...

31:52 - Glitch

31:53 - Where can people go for more information?

32:30 - Circus movement!

33:03 - Thank yous

33:40 - Outro