How Leaders Delegate with Todd Randall

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode, Bart speaks with serial entrepreneur and business coach Todd Randall about why delegation usually fails and how to be better at this critical skill. Todd begins by sharing why he struggled to delegate in his career and the mistaken assumptions (only you can do it! You'll be fired if others do the work!) that hold us back from delegating effectively. Then he outlines the system he uses to delegate, which starts with building trust, comes with lots of patience, creating an escalation plan and building redundancy. Todd's insights deconstruct the way you can create the next level of leaders. 
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00:16 Show intro
00:52 Introducing Todd Randall
01:49 Todd talks about his story
03:13 What's my driver?
05:05 Didn't have a "good idea"
05:31 Bought a company
08:43 Delegation is widely underutilized
09:52 Gap in experience level
11:22 Fear of delegating to others
12:30 Advice to people hesitant to delegate
13:00 Risk of not delegating
14:34 Primary job is to give your reports what they need
15:58 Fears
17:55 ROI model
18:37 Bart's examples
20:48 How do you go about delegating
21:34 Trust
25:32 Book - The Speed of Trust
25:51 Small interactions that built trust
26:31 Patience
27:23 Plan for multiple cycles of learning around delegation
29:12 Assume you'll redo the handed-off task at least twice
30:41 When to reach out if you're stuck
34:57 Create redundancies
36:39 Divvy up expertise
40:03 Coaching, not micromanaging
43:29 Bart summarizes the steps
45:41 How to find out more about Beach View
46:33 Outro