How Talking about Culture is the Ultimate Way to Attract and Retain Talent with Craig Taylor

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode, Bart speaks with Craig Taylor, CEO of Iapetus Holdings, about what it takes to attract and retain employees in this incredibly tight labour market. In sharing his personal leadership journey, Craig talks about how today it's harder than ever to compete for talent and then keep people engaged. His solution: Culture. Define it. Commit to it. Communicate it. Engage the whole organization in the conversation. Craig's insights and tips are invaluable for anyone who wants to forge a deeper connection between people and the organizations they work for.

Visit Iapetus Holdings' website to learn more and find them on LinkedIn You can also find Craig on social media with the following links:


00:01 Teaser
01:04 Introducing Craig
02:14 Pressures on the labour market
05:00 How did Craig start the company?
06:20 Changing corporate culture took him by surprise
08:38 Adapting to a growing organization 
09:14 How did they change to accommodate growth
10:27 What does "focusing on culture" look like?
11:48 Diversity - including diversity of mindset
14:40 Rapid fire questions
18:06 Retention 
19:19 Are you happy?
19:41 Creating free and open conversation
24:20 Hiring in the current environment 
26:45 Build a brand for potential employees
27:36 Return to work...
31:10 The benefits of being in the office
33:24 Getting employees to sign in
37:04 "Breakups suck!"
38:36 Future predictions in the hiring market
40:23 Thank yous
41:01 Outro