How to Ignite Happiness in Yourself and Others

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast Bart is joined by Darrin Tulley, Founder and CEO of Ignite Happy, to talk about what it takes to inspire yourself and others. Prior to founding Ignite Happy Darrin spent 25 years in corporate America, rising to senior executive roles...and learning a lot about himself along the way. Darrin shares his journey with Bart, where he came to realize that his relentless focus on numbers, performance and results led to negative impacts on the people he worked with, less connection with others and a lack of joy for himself. He explains how a career epiphany led him to reexamine his assumptions and ultimately to a new path at work. He explains how to be the CEO of your own path, to find a spark in your own life and to rewire yourself for inspiration and happiness. 

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00:01 Teaser
00:14 Inspire Intro
01:46 Introducing Darrin
02:43 Personal history – how he got here
03:19 Early focus on numbers and performance
04:17 Example of how people got hurt by approach
04:35 Darrin’s awakening moment
05:35 DEI retreat
08:30 Hot take questions
10:19 What happened after DEI retreat
11:27 The pink pen
12:13 From DEI event to his own company
13:15 Leaving his former job
14:06 Any pushbacks?
15:44 Joy at work…
16:18 People want to help each other – and be able to trust each other
17:20 Tap into the potential of the organization
17:50 How to build a culture of trust
19:02 The power of authenticity
20:05 Biggest mistakes in new approach
20:30 Not enough communication or diversity of opinion
21:16 Why start a new company?
21:49 Moment with my daughter
23:04 Finding joy
24:34 Business: Ignite Happy
24:50 Book – Live Your Possible
25:01 Living with a higher purpose and authentic self
26:55 What should people ask themselves?
27:17 What are your beliefs?
28:38 Are you willing to be open minded and curious?
29:32 Bart talks about authenticity
30:51 Stories about opening up
32:44 Bart summarizes path
34:08 Childhood experiences
34:17 Be the CEO of your own path
36:48 Thank yous