How to Master Q&A with Dr. Brian Gibkowski

By: Bart Egnal
Answering questions is one of the most challenging leadership communication tests for a leader. The time pressure, unstated assumptions and even audience emotion can all make it a fraught situation; yet leaders who can master this high stakes interaction can influence and inspire their listeners. In this episode Bart is joined by Dr. Brian Gibkowski, Associate Professor of Management at North Central College in Illinois, to discuss his research on Answer Intelligence (AQ). Brian explains how his research into top golf pros led to his work in Q&A, a framework for listening, how to prepare and what types of answers you should use to influence. 
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Get Dr Gibkowski's book, Answer Intelligence here
00:55 Welcome guest to the podcast
01:44 What's your background?
01:58 Academic experience
02:37 Research on questions but not on answers
03:24 Research into answers
04:43 A framework for answers
06:14 Why golf instructors?
08:41 Main findings from golf study
09:22 6 answer types
12:20 Concept answers
13:00 Theory or strategy 
1328 Story
13:45 Procedures
14:04 Actions
15:32 Are some types of answers better than others for certain questions?
18:08 Developing "AQ"
19:40 Steps to develop your AQ
23:26 Mastering question recognition 
26:06 Meta-conversation 
28:55 Touch 3 points to have a complete answer
29:27 How much do you need to prepare for the different answer types?
32:30 Prepare to be spontaneous
34:07 Style
39:25 Bart sums up
40:07 Where to start with AQ
41:06 Thank yous