How To Write Your Leadership Story with Christine Miners and Rick Lash

By: Bart Egnal
If you've ever said, "I don't feel like I have the same joy in my job as I used to..." or, "I always thought I'd love it when I made it to this role, and now I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be" or, "the demands on me in this position are too much." then you need to listen to my conversation with Christine and Rick. Crisis or major life changes can shatter the inner stories that give our life meaning; finding a new inner narrative allows us to become our own authors and reconnect to the meaning we all crave. Drawing on insights from their new book, Once Upon A Leader, Christine and Rick outline what it takes to re-energize yourself personally and professionally.

You can buy Christine and Rick's book, Once Upon a Leader here.

00:03 Teaser
00:23 Intro
00:58 Introducing Christine and Rick
01:57 What led them to write this book
03:27 Why Christine came on board
04:17 Limitations of current executive training
05:58 Not just for executives
06:23 What does the book show you how to do?
06:55 The problem of weak narrative capacity 
07:15 Indicators that your narrator is weak
09:34 What is the brain narrator? What does it do? Bart wants to front-load this section in the front
11:05 How do we get a weak narrator
13:26 How to build up your narrator
14:15 How to build a narrative and narrator
14:32 3 phases of building
15:54 Gathering your building blocks
18:18 Healthcare example
20:31 Recrafting the story
22:14 Taking your new narrative out into the world
22:46 Conducting small experiments
26:05 Bart sums it up
28:07 Thank yous
28:48 Outro