How To Script Yourself as a Job Seeker - with Judith Humphrey

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode, Bart interviews Judith Humphrey, Founder of The Humphrey Group, about her new book, The Job Seeker’s Script. In the interview, Judith discusses how candidates can successfully advocate for themselves, whether they want to move up in their present company or move to a new firm. Her book shows job seekers how to tell their story, by first setting their goals, and then using her book’s template to script themselves throughout their journey – from the initial elevator pitch to their final interview. Using this model, job candidates will impress others and win their coveted job.

Learn more about Judith at and get your copy of her latest book from Amazon or Indigo Canada!


01:06 Welcoming Judith

02:14 The new book

02:48 Why write this book?

05:42 Fluid labour market

06:49 Deciding on your storyline

07:20 Am I prepared to invest in myself?

08:07 What are my skills and interests?

09:22 Do I want a new direction?

10:14 What culture do you want to work in?

10:41 Stats on the importance of culture

11:36 Return to office?

12:10 Size of organization

13:45 Will I be able to succeed there?

15:26 Pitching inside your own company

16:23 Companies WANT to retain talent

16:47 Concerns of leaders

18:13 Build your network

18:48 Selling yourself internally

19:00 Networking with your boss

20:37 Talk to potential sponsors

21:26 How to ask someone to go to bat for you

22:13 Be intentional

22:32 Sometimes people are reluctant to network

24:40 How to script yourself

25:34 H.I.R.E

26:32 HOOK



27:26 ENGAGE

27:57 Scripting

30:13 Avg. # of interviews to land a job

30:29 Research the interviewers

31:04 Common questions to be ready for

34:02 Bart summarizes

35:37 Rehearse!

36:04 Where can you buy the book?

36:49 Thank yous