Lessons From A Life Of Persuasion

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode Bart welcomes David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto, head of the World Wildlife Foundation and now Director of International Diplomacy for C40 Cities. David shares his life's journey and how from a young age he has been driven to address inequity and bring about positive change in the world. Along the way he has developed a set of principles for communicating his ideas in a focused, authentic way. He shares these principles with Bart illustrating them with examples from his rich career. The conversation is invaluable for anyone who wishes to communicate their ideas with confidence and authenticity.

Welcome to the podcast               00:50

Intro to David's Career by Bart    01:00

Miller's story      02:11

Early years in England     02:23

Class differences              03:04

Driving question: Why are there inequalities         05:21

Mother's experience of class       06:43

Knowing who you are and what you stand for...  07:50

Drive change      08:11

Clarifying what you stand for      09:09

How to get across "who you are" to people          10:18

Write down what you're trying to achieve             10:51

Avoiding cheap talking points      14:17

Bart's anecdote about academia               16:24

How to use that clarity of thinking.           16:36

Environmental Work Example     17:50

Successful leaders use language that is real and use examples      22:17

Bart's book on Jargon     22:48

Biden's strength as a communicator         23:27

Corporate communications          24:46

Executive communication             26:03

Knocked on 275000 doors!          27:44

New importance of communication in today's world        28:59

Examples of good corporate communications      29:13

Lightening round             30:50

Greta Thunberg 31:09

Al Gore 31:22

Best mayors...    31:40

Running on a campaign of RAISING taxes!             35:11

Barts closing thoughts about hope            37:41

Outro    38:31

Next episode teaser        39:07