New Imperatives — and Tools — for Today's Inspirational Leaders with Anya Wood

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode of The Inspire Podcast, Bart welcomes Anya Wood, The Humphrey Group's Vice President of Product. Drawing on their combined decades of experience in the leadership training business they explore the evolving demands and priorities of leaders and how those imperatives are redefining the key skills required today. Anya then shares insights into how leaders can respond to these demands while looking at how AI is providing some compelling tools to help them meet the challenge. A great listen for anyone wondering how to rise to this leadership moment with confidence and energy.


0:17 Welcoming Anya
1:00 Learning and development has had seismic shifts
3:46 Her background
4:35 Is it better for learners now?
5:10 Bart talks about the level of knowledge about training options
5:51 Customize and personalize learning
5:58 Boom and result
7:09 Nature of work is becoming more human
8:06 Institution and hierarchical nature of work in the past
9:25 The demands on leaders
9:49 Opportunity of diversity and inclusions
10:28 Communication demands on leaders
12:05 Style changes in communication
13:22 How direct managers change?
14:20 The burden of communication
15:10 Personalized communications
15:33 RTO example from Bart
16:22 Trends in feedback
16:58 People desire regular feedback
18:18 How AI will shape communication...
19:24 Is AI changing how leaders communicate
20:27 The ability for AI to provide immediate feedback
21:24 What advice is Humphrey Group giving to leaders?
22:02 Being an authentic leader...
23:55 EQ matters
24:04 POP
24:46 Bart talks about an example
27:24 Giving feedback
29:08 How to receive feedback from employees?
30:10 Listen and not be reactive
31:32 Bart reinforces professional context
33:47 How can leaders begin to use AI tools?
33:54 PowerPoint rehearse
37:13 Bart summarizes points
37:56 Thank-yous
38:13 Outro