To Overcome 'Wicked Problems' Lean Into Inspirational Leadership

By: Bart Egnal

In this kickoff episode of Season 4 of The Inspire Podcast Bart speaks with Susan Black of the Conference Board of Canada about the challenges facing today's leaders. Drawing on the CBOC's deep research capabilities, Susan shares insights into the major pressures facing leaders across all sectors -- from talent management to a return to premises to DEI and the future of work. She provides suggestions on how leaders can navigate and inspire through these challenges with practical examples. A must-listen for leaders who want to engage and inspire in this ever-changing work environment.


00:55 Welcoming Susan 

01.30 What is the Conference Board of Canada? 

04.04 Wicked Problems 

05:21 What are the big challenges leaders are facing these days?

05:35 Turnover rates

06:16 Absenteeism

07:00 How do I keep my people engaged?

07:57 Advice around keeping employees

09:35 Structure for resilience

12:12 Advice for talent management

13:50 Shift to virtual and digital

14:23 People's comfort levels with covid risk

14:49 Bringing people together

15:29 Will we go back to the office after Covid?

16:46 Generational differences and expectations

18:28 Research on generational diversity

20:17 Advice about leading in these times?

20:46 Prioritize the "check-in"

22:45 Managerial demands have risen

23:29 DEI research

26:16 Diversity is about everyone, and that includes white men

27:29 Fears of backlash against DEI

28:36 Continue the dialogue

29:38 Keep people talking

31:25 Stumbling through and be forgiving of people as they learn about DEI

32:20 The Future of Work

33:08 Everyone is going to have multiple careers

34:23 Final thought for leaders... How to grow personally

35:27 Have your values front and center

35:38 Crisis of character in leadership bodies across the board

36:07 A return to character driven leadership is required

37:06 Thank you / Goodbyes

37:54 Outro