Speaking with Courage: A Lifetime of Standing up for Equity

By: The Inspire Podcast

A leader's inspirational mindset stems from courage. The courage to speak up and persuade people of what you believe is right. In today's episode of the Inspire Podcast, Bart interviews Martine Roy. Martine has spent a lifetime standing up for equity. She exemplifies courageous speaking.

After being driven out of the Canadian Forces for her sexuality, Martine spent her life speaking up for inclusion and the LGBTQ+ community. She was a key plaintiff and advocate in seeking and securing a formal apology from the Canadian government for the purge of LGBTQ+ persons from the Forces, and continues today as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the LGBT Purge Fund.


In addition, Martine blazed a trail as a co-founder of Pride at Work, and as the creator of ERG groups at IBM Canada. Today she continues to champion LGBTQ+ rights in her work at TD today, where she serves as Regional Manager, LGBTQ2+ Business Development Quebec Eastern Canada.

Here are some moments from the conversation:

Introduction (2:34)
Martine's time in the army (3:24)
Anti gay policies during the 80s (5:49)
CF1920 (6:15)
Dishonourably discharged for homosexuality (10:54)
1992 law changed -- but still silence from govt (18:50)
IBM (19:42)
LGBTQ+ group at IBM (20:05)
1953 TJ Watson Policy letter (21:07)
"Pride at Work" organization (23:26)
The vision of Pride at Work (25:08)
National Bank (26:05)
Employee resource group (27:10)
Benefits of employee groups (27:42)
Lost time to inauthentic life (27:56)
No apology from military (29:22)
2014 -- need to do something (30:54)
Advice for others (33:29)