Tap Into Your "Adaptagility" To Thrive - With Pablo Fernandez de Bobadilla

Tap Into Your "Adaptagility" To Thrive - With Pablo Fernandez de Bobadilla
By: Bart Egnal

In this episode, Bart speaks with Pablo Fernandez de Bobadilla about his two-decade career at Pfizer and how the ability to adapt and thrive has been crucial to his success. Pablo provides his perspective on how today's rapidly changing world and business landscape has put pressure on leaders to change, learn and grow more quickly than ever before. He then talks about the concept of Adaptagility, which involves embracing the discomfort inherent in growth and leaning into change instead of having it happen to you! Pablo brings his points to life with stories from his own work to overcome imposter syndrome and willingness to take on new challenges in Pfizer's global operations. A compelling conversation for anyone who wants to thrive in today's changing world of work and growth.

00:26 Standard intro
01:00 Welcoming Pablo
02:57 What is adaptability?
03:54 Adapt
04:00 Agility
04:04 Grit
04:14 Growth mindset
04:47 What was that research?
05:13 Difficult to explain what we do and how we do things
05:26 Incentive compensation
05:54 Flexibility curve
06:49 Pablo's role at Pfizer
07:38 Design comp plans for customer-facing staff
10:41 Research 
11:26 Tailor comp to different types of people
12:05 Embracing different cultural experiences
13:29 Moving around a lot was a blessing
14:47 What things are you seeing globally in talent
15:17 Speed of business and change 
15:47 40% of companies don't think they'll be viable in 10 years 
16:27 Market pressure trickles down to employees
16:45 AI 
18:23 Great communication skills are a must
19:17 Bart quotes Wired magazine
20:21 Don't fight the change, embrace the discomfort
20:43 Story of his imposter syndrome
20:55 Dyslexia
21:42 Insecurities at work
22:37 Always raised the bar
22:45 Nothing was ever good enough
24:07 His coach pointed out his imposter syndrome 
24:21 You know you're not alone, right?
24:55 The positives that came from his imposter syndrome
25:17 Raise the bar continuously
26:36 Bart thanks for sharing personal story
27:06 How do you fight the imposter syndrome
28:57 Bart asks about embracing discomfort
29:21 Learned that you learn from discomfort
30:42 Bart asks Paolo to give advice
31:30 15 years at same job? You might become stagnant 
32:29 For younger professionals: be patient
32:40 Get involved in as many projects as you can
33:40 Bart starts the wrap up
34:50 As you look ahead
37:08 Thank yous