What We Can Learn About Presence From Journalism and TV with Ash Kay

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast Bart welcomes Humphrey Group Consultant Ash Kay to talk about executive presence. Ash draws on her background as a reporter and broadcast news producer to explain what presence is and how to project it authentically. She explains that the foundation of connection is to be unselfish, how the best connectors are like detectives, and that there’s no substitute for the painful work of seeing yourself in action. Ash’s concrete and practical tips on presence are invaluable whether you are live or virtual. 

00:59 Introducing Ash Kay
02:03 What is leadership presence?
02:48 Executive presence vs leadership presence
04:20 Authentic presence and leadership presence
06:40 Presence is a dimmer switch
08:15 How to build authentic presence
08:28 Great communicators are unselfish
09:20 Crime reporting story
11:38 Flip the script 
13:45 Presence begins with the audience
14:17 Be a presence detective
15:19 People who seem really present have probably worked on it
19:02 How to make these changes feel authentic
22:27 You have to see yourself in action
25:01 Video in broadcast journalism
25:49 Unfiltered feedback
28:27 Bart summarizes points
30:37 How to start on the journey of presence
32:00 How to find out more...
33:11 Thank yous
33:27 Outro