What Your Employees Need From You Today: And How To Deliver For Them

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast Bart speaks with Sarah Beech, Area Executive President, Central Canada at Gallagher. In the first half of the interview, Sarah shares her story of developing a strong leadership compass through two decades in the insurance industry. From a big company to a smaller one and back to a big one (Gallagher) Sarah explains that her leadership philosophy -- leading authentically, hearing and empowering voices at all levels, and a continued commitment to listening -- has helped her thrive through a varied set of organizations. Sarah then explains what Gallagher is learning about what employees want today. She explains that employees don't just want pay, or benefits, or a job, but rather a full experience that engages and energizes them. She shares insights from Gallagher's advice to leaders on what they can do to reach, retain and inspire employees in this new world. 

00:51 Welcome
01:17 Who she is and position
01:54 About Gallagher
02:48 Changes in caring for workforces
03:09 Annual trends survey
03:31 The cost of looking after employees
04:02 How she got into this career
05:42 Leadership role?
06:48 Everyone can be a leader
07:42 Who inspired you to be a leader?
09:01 First management role
09:37 Managing an org spread across the country
11:14 Challenges with new leadership role
11:24 How important your words are
11:43 Always get your writing reviewed
13:16 Speaking on behalf of the organization
14:00 Going from Hewet to new company
14:15 Handling a merger
15:26 Dealing with a change in leadership culture
16:05 Problems with command and control model
17:29 Building trust
18:53 Going global
20:18 Speak with confidence but listen really hard
20:40 Listening
21:22 Paint the picture of the future
21:49 Pandemic challenges
24:01 Change it up
24:32 Ask your people – is this working?
25:14 Don’t underestimate how people feel
26:38 How often should leader be talking to employees
26:46 Engagement surveys
27:02 Shorter pulse survey every couple of months
27:35 Bite sized communication
27:48 Give feedback quickly
28:36 Advice about communication
29:19 Use stories when possible
30:09 Use social media tools much better
31:05 Look at the employee’s whole experience
31:55 Thank yous
33:14 OUTTRO